By Sarah Maraniss Vander Schaaff

It was only four months ago that we, as a country, and as parents, were stopped cold, left to wonder how to make some sort of sense out of the events unfolding. While it is too early to know much about the bombings in Boston, we thought the best use of the blog this week was to provide links for parents that might be of use if and when they speak to their children about the tragedy.

It was a Bedford, New Hampshire Patch site that lead us to the link on the Boston Children’s Hospital Pediatric Health Blog. There are some good points there, as well as links, including one at PBS KIDS, called, Talking With Kids About the News.

We are all, of course, saddened by the violence and wish the families who are grieving great strength and support.

Link to the Boston Children’s Hospital Blog

Link to the PBS KIDS Post

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