We are so glad you are considering Mindprint to help qualify for your school’s gifted program.  We are happy to assist you through the gifted program appeals process.

Confirm your gifted coordinator will accept Mindprint.

Every school has a gifted coordinator who manages the gifted program appeals process. If the coordinator is unfamiliar with Mindprint and would like more information about the Mindprint Assessment, please have the school contact us. They can also visit our website and you can share our research showing the validity and reliability. You might want to let them know that in addition to districts accepting Mindprint, Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) and Summer Academic and Honors Institute, among others, accept Mindprint as a qualified assessment.

Decide who will pay for and administer Mindprint.

Your school might insist on proctoring but you can also administer at home and bring the results to the school. Please have the school contact us for the school rate. Parents can purchase directly here.

Get your results.

Expect to receive the results within 5 business days. The school can request a full standard scores report by contacting us here.

More questions?

Please email us with any additional questions.

Read more about the gifted program appeals process.