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When it comes to your child’s needs, there’s nothing better than a mom’s instincts. Still, there’s something to be said for the research on parenting approaches that lead to the most successful adults. Our experts provide the tips that, in combo with those motherly instincts, should lead you and your kiddo down the path of life success.

Here are our top 10 great mom tips to help you be your best mom-self, this mother’s day and every day. If you’re a teacher who has ever been mistakenly called mom in the classroom take the compliment and know that these 10 tips work equally well in school.

1. Remind Them How Much You Believe in Them

It is natural for every student to feel self-doubt at times, even if they don’t show it. Be sure to provide continuous reminders that you believe in their ability to succeed. Reassure them that self-doubt is natural and will diminish with age and experience. Be sincere and then move on. Unless they want to continue the discussion, in which case, give them a big hug and keep going.

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2. Share Your Stories

True stories are one of the most powerful ways to teach children a life lesson. Tell humorous anecdotes of when you were a kid. The funnier the story, the more likely your child will remember and reflect. Use stories to reinforce that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, and we all learn and grow from experiences.

3. Don’t Give Them Everything

What mom doesn’t want to give their child the best of everything? However, it really is possible to give your child too much. Find the balance between exposing them to everything the world has to offer and over-scheduling them. Let them make their own choices and learn from their mistakes. They won’t ever become the independent adult you want them to be, unless you let them.

4. Respect and Validate Feelings

Feelings of anxiety, anger, and frustration are very real to children even if they may seem exaggerated or unreasonable to an adult. The best first step in any emotional situation is to listen and validate your child’s feelings. Fully hear their version of events. Even if you don’t agree, it’s still important that you understand how they feel.

5. Develop Self-Awareness

No one knows your child better than you do. No one is more capable of fostering self-awareness about their strengths and areas where they need help (social, emotional or academic). Self-awareness is key to independence, self-esteem, and life success. There’s no parenting guide for knowing exactly how and when your child needs feedback because each child is uniquely sensitive. Just remember, one of your many mom superpowers is your special instincts about what’s best for your child.

Five More Great Mom Tips When You’re Ready (because not even mom or the best teacher can tackle everything at once)

6. Ease Transitions. They’re often harder for kids than adults realize.

7. Identify a “Safe” Adult. Most kids benefit from having a non-parent adult they can confide in. Find someone both you and your child can trust.

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8. Use Laughter. Growing up isn’t easy. Laughter, administered correctly, is often the best medicine.

9. Leeway with Rules. There’s a difference between being strict and being inflexible. Being strict can provide kids the structure and consistency they need. Being inflexible might just discourage your child from sharing.

10. Keep Routines. Routines provide the comfort and security a lot of kids need. When the world around them feels unpredictable, family routines might be the only thing they can reliably depend on. Routines are especially important during transitions or stressful times.

Thanks for reading! Have a peaceful day with the loves of your life.

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